9 on-screen characters who weren't teachers, but we learnt a lot from them!

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This Teacher's Day we celebrate those on-screen characters who became our unofficial teachers and here's everything that they taught us!

Teachers are supposed to be one of the most impactful personalities in our lives. They’re a huge part of our upbringing and the person we become as adults. As much as we love our real-life teachers, we also realize that knowledge can be gained from anywhere and everywhere, even from the on-screen characters who we spent hours watching. We’ve found ourselves being so much in awe of characters who weren’t teachers but we would’ve loved for them to be ours when we were in school. These characters have immeasurable amounts of wisdom to give, be it real academic facts or life lessons. They become our unofficial teachers and they really do feel like somebody we can go to for guidance about anything and everything.

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Check out our favorite fictional characters who unknowingly became our teachers too!

The Professor - Money Heist

There’s so much to learn from him. First and foremost, always plan one step ahead. Sometimes being an overthinker works and you have a plan for literally every scenario possible. He’s also a great example of how to stay calm during stressful situations. All will be good as long as you plan and stick with your team. 


Dr. Jehangir Khan - Dear Zindagi

He's one of the first characters who taught us how important it's to take care of our mental health. Don’t choose the tough path just because you have and instead of striving for perfection, celebrate your imperfections.


Harpreet Singh Bedi - Rocket Singh Salesman of the Year

We all have one thing that we’re good at and for Harpreet, that was sales. He managed to outgrow a bigger company that he was working for because customers would any day choose someone who is loyal, dedicated, and understands feelings more than the corporate terms.


Shashi - English Vinglish

She was constantly looked down upon for not knowing how to speak English. But she taught us never to let these superficial things dictate our worth. Someone might not be good at English but they might be a genius in so many other things that we can’t even think about.


Rancho - 3 Idiots

He was a much-needed reminder to stop and have a good look at this rat race that we’re a part of. It is so important to love what you do and learn concepts that you can actually apply. But the biggest lesson of all was ‘All is Well’.


Captain Raymond Holt - Brooklyn Nine-Nine

It was not easy for Captain Holt to make his mark in the homophobic and racist world of the NYPD. But he worked so hard to get to where he is. When he joined the Nine-Nine, he also taught us to let our guard down once in a while and have fun with the people around us. 


Sheldon Cooper - Big Bang Theory

Sheldon was one of the most interesting characters we ever came across. He could explain physics equations in a single breath. He had a proper routine for everything and he had to follow that. Sometimes knowing exactly what you need and don’t need is the best thing you can do for yourself. 


Hermoine - Harry Potter

Probably one of the smartest wizards in Hogwarts, Hermoine was often teased for being a nerd and having muggle parents. But she always believed that her intelligence was never a weakness and always stood up for what she believed in. 


Woo Young-Woo - Extraordinary Attorney Woo

She might have low emotional intelligence but somehow her straightforwardness towards everything is exactly what this world needs right now. Talking in circles never works and communicating exactly what you expect from someone is the key to a better life. Not to forget all the laws and whale facts that we’ve learned from her throughout the show.


Which of these on-screen characters have you learned the most from? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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