It’s not always easy to nail the sarcasm game, but some on-screen sarcastic characters have played the part and won our hearts with their sass.

We all love funny lines but we admire sarcasm. There is no mood that can’t lighten and brighten up with a pinch of sarcasm. We have witnessed some of our favourite shows with characters that can easily and flawlessly sass things up with their sarcasm. It is what we like to call the ‘intelligent joke’ that only a few can enjoy. It is an art that needs the right set of words and savageness to deliver them. If done properly, we can enjoy the perfect ‘mic drop moment’. Our shows and series have given us some of the most iconic on-screen sarcastic characters that we all look up to for our dose of sass.

Here’s a list of on-screen sarcastic characters:

Gina Linetti, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Chandler Bing, FRIENDS

Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory

Indravadhan Sarabhai, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai

Manju Devi, Panchayat

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Daadi, The Aam Aadmi Family

Ron Swanson, Parks and Recreation

Will, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Donna Paulson, Suits

Nick Miller, New Girl

Paris Geller, Gilmore Girls

David Rose, Schitts Creek

So, who is your favourite on-screen sarcastic characters? Tell us in the comments below.