There are a number of rituals and running gags from shows that are quite funny and we all love. We have made a list of a few that we all can laugh at even today.

We all have our favourite shows and series that we can binge-watch anytime. These shows became our favourites because of the unique fun element that kept us hooked while watching. Although some jokes are funny, what’s funnier are the ones that keep repeating and don’t die. There are many such jokes and moments in our favourite tv shows that we love everytime they make a reappearance. Our characters seem to have following some quirky rituals that show how close they have been. There are also some running gags in these shows that we can laugh at any time it comes up. We have made a list of these rituals and running gags from shows we admire.

Take a look at these weird and funny rituals and running gags from shows:

The Slap Bet: How I Met Your Mother

Intervention: How I Met Your Mother

Douchebag jar: New Girl

Things people don’t say anymore register: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Halloween heist: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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Michael vs Toby: The office

Leslie hates Library: Parks and Recreation

Art Vandelay: Seinfeld

Fix That Step: Modern Family

Ross’s divorce: FRIENDS

Jazz thrown out of the house: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Which is your favourite ritual or running gag? Tell us in the comments below.