Friday Streaming - One Day at a Time on Netflix is the TV show version of your favorite comfort food topped with socio-political issues!

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One Day at a Time

A reimagining of the 1975 series by the same name, One Day at a Time tackles modern life and its problems while being strongly rooted in traditional family values.

Watching a 3 generation Cuban American family deal with life while being deeply invested in each others' lives feels like you're right back at home! One Day at a Time is a warm and empathetic family sitcom that's dedicated to showing you how families can hold space for different perspectives when faced with conflict.

Cast - Justina Machado kills it as Penelope Alvarez in this one! She's a force to reckon with, no kidding! Most likely the only Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony winner to ever star in a sitcom, Rita Moreno plays Lydia, a badass grandmother and Penelope's overbearing mother who will definitely remind you of yours! Isabella Gomez plays Elena Alvarez and Marcel Ruiz plays Alex Alvarez, Penelope's children. Stephen Tobolowsky and Todd Grinnell are seen in supportive characters as Dr. Berkovitz, Penelope's boss and Lydia's platonic companion, and Shneider, the Alvarez's landlord and BFF.

Storyline - Army veteran, nurse, and single mother, Penelope Alvarez lives in a rent-controlled apartment in Los Angeles with her two teenage children, Elena and Alex, and her overbearing mother, Lydia. This Cuban American family deals with life as we know it including social and political issues like PTSD, immigration and Trump, sexism and so many more with multiple conversations that usually result in multi-generational clashes but each of their perspectives are taken into consideration, which gives every member a chance to grow and learn from each other.

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What I liked - One Day at a Time is well written and so rewatchable! There's so much to learn about acceptance, parenting, and coexisting as a family from this one. It's hard to find a TV series that tackles PTSD, LGBTQIA+ acceptance, racism, gender roles, immigration, sexism and group therapy while also being a regular comedy. Over the 3 seasons, this comedy-drama gets a lot more political. It also talks about how complicated it is to understand terms like 'consent' for different generations while keeping it light-hearted without making these scenes look insensitive. One Day at a Time delves into deeper concepts like identity and beautifully depicts how support helps one feel understood and less alone and it still leaves room for one to sit with their pain too!

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