Friday Streaming - Otherhood on Netflix is about your mother and mine

Shachi Lavingia
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Directed by Cindy Chupack, Otherhood explores a woman's ever-changing dynamics as a mother - being needed 24/7 to experiencing the empty nest syndrome.

An overbearing mom or a smothering one who won't meet you halfway, as Indians, we've learned to deal with 'em mothers by setting boundaries, explaining things time and again, and fighting for what we want, all to no avail. That's the deal with mothers; we love them, we hate them, we can't live without them! More importantly, over time, we start to see them for the individuals they are, which makes it possible to empathize with how hard this journey is for them. And Otherhood captures all of this throughout its 1 hour 40 minutes.

Cast - Angela Bassett as Carol Walker is a pleasure to watch! Carol's journey from a grieving wife and lonely mother to becoming her own person yet again needs to be a movie in itself.

Felicity Huffman does a spectacular job at playing Helen Halston. Patricia Arquette as Gillian Lieberman is both entertaining and frustrating!

Storyline - What started out on the playground when their sons became best friends, Carol Walker, Helen Halston, and Gillian Lieberman now get together only for their annual Mother's Day drunch to vent about their lives, their adult ungrateful sons, and their recent exploits and how they always seem to forget Mother's Day. After a few too many drinks, these meddling mothers decide to ambush their sons in New York City because they feel sidelined, unfulfilled, and not happy!

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What I liked - A mother's transition from caretaker and provider to taking the backseat as a parent and focusing on living a life of her own yet again is portrayed so beautifully in Otherhood. Scenes where the three women get together for support over a late-night snack, a few drinks at a bar, or an impromptu, impractical, and totally unnecessary road trip are very easy to relate to if you share a similar equation with your girl gang. This film reminded me that some friendships look the same at 20 and 60, really!

What I didn't quite like - Conflicts aren't resolved at all in Otherhood, instead, there's a poor attempt at a conversation of about two sentences. With this promising a plot and ridiculously talented actors, this movie could've been so much more than a fluff piece!

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