The OPPO smartwatch seems to be a rip-off of the Apple Watch

Geetika Sachdev
New Update
Oppo Smartwatch

Have you been eagerly looking forward to the Oppo smartwatch? Turns out, it is quite similar to the Apple Watch!

This piece of news might disappoint you, but it’s true! The OPPO smartwatch was announced last week, and we just can’t stop thinking about it, not for the best reasons though. The OPPO smartwatch looks like a blatant rip off of the Apple Watch, barring a few minor changes. Some might like it but there’s nothing innovative about this piece. 

The OPPO smartwatch has a similar square face and curved edges, just like the Apple Watch Series 4 and 5. In fact, the company has even gone ahead and copied the strap, or it looks very similar to what you get in the Apple Watch box. There are a few minor additions here and there - for instance, there are two buttons on the right side of the device, unlike Apple Watch that has one button and a digital crown. The watch comes with a 46 mm chassis and a 402 x 473 1.91-inch OLED screen, a heart rate sensor, water-resistance up to 50 meters, eSiM support and fitness tracking - but we want to know, where’s the originality guys?

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If there’s one thing we can appreciate OPPO for, it is their support for VOOC fast charging. The watch fuels up to 45 percent in 15 minutes and can last 40 hours on a single charge. 

According to OPPO, the watch will run a version of ColorOS that will work in sync with OPPO phones. If there’s one thing that is different from Apple Watch, it is the price, and it is considerably lower. 

Believe it or not, OPPO has not stopped at design, they went ahead and also took a cue from Apple’s event last year, since the presentation slides look the same! It would have really helped if OPPO stuck to some originality, but sadly that hasn’t happened at all. 

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