What an emotional weekend it was all for us! We lost the most beloved voice and here’s how our creators spent their weekend

Sunday morning, was an emotional one for us, we, unfortunately, lost someone whose voice could light up a whole room! Lata Mangeshkar has been an inspiration for generations and her voice is definitely the one that will not be forgotten. With a heavy heart, we bid farewell to ‘The Nightingale of India. But, apart from that, a lot has been going on in the world of social media. As we all know it’s the month of love, with Valentine almost round the corner the weekend was filled with loads of weddings and love-filled pictures and dedications. And comedy content is there like always! From Kusha Kapila making a fun video on sarcastic moms to Shivam Arora talking about principals in school, here’s what our creators have been up to!

Check it out!

Kusha Kapila

Nisman Parpia

Shivam Arora

Srishti Dixit

Leisha Patidarr

Diksha Rawat

Masoom Minnawala Mehta

Unnati Malharkar

Rhea Gurnani

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