Take a look at all these over the weekend posts by Digital Creators that have been informative, entertaining, exciting and hard to miss.

If the creators haven’t made you scream ‘dude same’ with their creative posts over the weekend, you might not be in the right place. Instagram Reels have become one of our favourite kind of pass time. It is irresistible to not keep scrolling through all the posts only to keep the phone down for 5 secs and come back to keep going. The ideas and the efforts that the content creators put in to make the most smallest thing in our lives into a 15-sec relatable video is unbelievable. That is one of the reasons we love and admire them. Even in the most toughest situations, we turn to them for our entertainment. Like always, there have been various posts by Digital Creators over the weekend that kept us busy online.

Here’s the posts by Digital Creators:

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