Take a look at how our digital creators spent their weekend with this roundup.

It’s Monday, and we’re back to the grind! Sitting in front of a screen, making one to-do list after the other. Mom is yelling at the domestic help; dad’s over the phone talking about the pandemic and the share market, life’s good. If you’re feeling the Monday blues, all you need is a five-minute social media break to check this list of everything that happened over the weekend.

Digital creators have become our saviors, helping us get through the toughest days with their amazing content. They make sure that we are left with a smile on our faces and not left feeling alone as their share their incredibly relatable content. This weekend too, they shared some posts that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Before you get back to meeting deadlines for today, here’s what your creators were up to over the weekend.

Take a look:

Looking forward to next weekend already? WE FEEL YOU!

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