“Anything a man can do, I can do bleeding.” Take a look at how people reacted to Indian music artist, Vandita Narayan’s period song.

Sex, penis, vagina, period are four of the most dangerous words you can say out loud in public, even today. Our society prefers it this way! It is hard to understand why these are such big taboos. Thankfully, we have social media platforms today that give us the opportunity to speak our minds, spread awareness, and normalize stigmas by creating art around them. The power of art across every form is unimaginable. And Bengaluru-based singer-songwriter, Vandita Narayan proves that by breaking myths via her music.

Vandita who started her music career by posting 1-minute cover songs on her Instagram soon began to create her own music. Late but glad that we heard Vandita’s “Anything a man can do, I can do bleeding.” The song talks about menstruation and women’s issues during ‘that time of the month.’ The song is also a friendly reminder to all the girlfriends that it is fine to feel moody, sad, happy, gloomy, and everything else on your period. The period song was widely appreciated by people and they shared their reactions on the same. Women across the globe would relate to this song given how empowering it is!

Here’s how people reacted:

Check out the song here:

Well, we finally have a song to listen to when we curl up in our bed during our period! Did you like the song? Tell us in the comments below.

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