Woman overhears man bragging about cheating, destroys him on Facebook

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bragging about cheating

A viral post from Facebook user Aishwarya Sharma contains all possible elements for a future Bollywood film and it will leave you in splits unless you’re A Man called Aman.

So it all unfolded on the day after Valentine’s Day at a watering hole in Andheri where a braggart, Aman, was bragging about cheating to another shiny eyed ‘Dude’. On any other day, Aman would have gotten away with accolades from his bros and may have lived happily ever after or something but not on Aishwarya Sharma’s watch.

bragging about cheating

Here’s how the conversation where Aman was bragging about cheating, something that is going to land Aman in big trouble, occurred,

Aishwarya Sharma begins her brief Facebook post with the following,

“Overheard in Doolally Taproom, Andheri the 2 guys sitting behind me where one is like "Bro I ditched Supriya last night and went out with Nidhi and we made out"

So Aman’s friend obviously is all admiration and macho pride over his friend’s unfaithfulness and dishonesty which obviously did not go down well with Aishwarya who then writes,

“LOL dude Supriya will find out.”

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bragging about cheating

Then comes a description of the place and time, followed by some subtle but scathing attacks on ‘thinner than the cig he smokes’ Aman who also wears black frames.

Urging everyone to inform every damn Supriya they know who is dating A man called Aman, Aishwarya has a message for the right Supriya in case she finds out.

“Dude you need to call that guy asap and say "gobar tatti ka sandwich bana ke kha bc" and break-up! xD”

The Facebook post ends with the future war cry of a Feminist cult that hunts down unfaithful boyfriends and castrates them or some thing, which also sounds like an insanely good film plot.


Says Aishwarya Sharma as she urges everyone on Facebook to share the post with every Supriya they know.

The post has garnered hilarious reactions from people on Facebook, racking up 1.5K reactions, more than 240 Shares and a lot of sweat and questions for every Aman from every Supriya and Nidhi.


Aman dude, gain weight soon and change the cigarette brand you smoke because 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.'

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