Scroll through to enjoy a good laugh with this Twitter thread of some of the most hilarious Panchayat season 2 memes.

Indian digital content has seen a rise in recent times in terms of its audience and quality content is responsible for it. OTT platforms have been creating relatable and closer-to-life shows that have successfully connected to people. While people love the stories and the characters in each of them, one thing that has become an ultimate measure of the success of these shows is when people can generate memes out of them. And Panchayat Season 2 did not disappoint on that front.

The show takes us through the life of Abhishek Tripathi (Jitendra Kumar), the panchayat secretary of Phulera village, and the small instances that he faces in this small village. While the show has managed to become a fan favorite with its amazing storyline, it has also given people a lot of memes that they can quote in their everyday lives.

Memes are not just a way of entertaining people online, they also help bring strangers together over something relatable. Every show that’s become popular among the audience has been able to give them a scene, dialogue, or a moment that went on to become an active part of our social media consumption. Thankfully with the release of Panchayat Season 2, we now have a bunch of new memes for us to share and laugh at. A Twitter user, Harsh aka Harsh_Humour, decided to share a list of his favorite Panchayat memes through a thread of relatable situations. The thread perfectly quotes some of the popular dialogues and moments from the show into real-life instances and has us nodding in agreement!

Check them out!

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