Vipin Sahu, the paragliding guy who gave us a popular meme template earlier, overcame his fear and posted his Paragliding 2.0 video.

2021 seems to have worked its charm on Vipin Sahu, the paragliding guy who gave us one heck of a meme to laugh at with his first attempt at paragliding. Vipin’s video that was posted in 2019 was somehow a representation of 2020 for the entire world. While he cried through his entire paragliding experience hurling cuss words, it gave the world reasons the laugh and it instantly became a trending meme. Vipin has now surprised everyone by posting his Paragliding 2.0 video.

Vipin shot to fame soon after his first video. He was also seen in the reality TV shows Mujhse Shaadi Karoge and Roadies Revolution. As they say, second time’s a charm, Vipin worked it in his favour and went back up in the air. From ‘200-300 extra lele, par land kara de’ to sipping chai while flying, Vipin seems to have overcome his fear.

He went back to the same place in Bir, Himachal Pradesh and looked calm and composed as compared to his last time. He enjoyed the entire 12 mins of his journey in the air, chatting and facing his fear.

Check out his full video here:

Here’s how people reacted to Paragliding 2.0:

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