"Peeche toh dekho" kid's adorable little brother is making netizens laugh this time

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"Peeche toh Dekho" kid and his brother

The kid from the famous video "Peeche toh Dekho" has released a new video, but this time his little brother has made netizens laugh out loud.

Responding to all "Happy New Year" wishes is a tiresome job. However, we have a Happy New Year greeting that will make you laugh out loud. Remember the kid from the video "Peeche toh Dekho"? The video had inspired "Peeche toh dekho" and "Tum mere dushman ho" memes that were a rage on social media. The boy, Ahmad Shah, has now released a new video wishing his fans and friends a Happy New Year. In the video, Ahmad is standing with his younger brother Umer and elder brother Abubakr.

However, this time not Ahmad, but Umer stole the show. While Ahmad greets people, Umer drops his snack packet by mistake. He suddenly freezes in an adorable manner knowing that this might ruin the video. He wonders whether he should pick it up and after a few seconds of overthinking, he cannot resist his urge and he picks up the packet. The video is very adorable and funny. It has gone viral and netizens can't help but laugh while also saying "aww". Almost everyone who has seen the video is now a fan of Umer and his cuteness.

Here are some of the most hilarious reactions to the video on Twitter. Check 'em out:

Isn't Umer the cutest?

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