Between the Twitter Blue Tick Subscription fiasco, Jesus and Satan now have a verified account on the platform

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These parody accounts on Twitter have created quite some buzz after being verified, thanks to Musk’s new policy.

Guess who has been creating a storm online? The one platform that always manages to start fights and controversies is in the news once again, and this time it's because of its new owner. Elon Musk who bought the social networking site, has been creating some buzz with his policies. According to the new policy, Parody accounts on Twitter are required to mention that they are a ‘parody’ account if they don’t want to be suspended, while the already existing verified accounts were asked to pay $85 to keep their tick and account. But following the whole drama around accounts with blue ticks, Twitter was suspended after various imposter accounts ended up paying for the tick.

The ones who benefited the most from the ‘pay for blue check’ policy were the parody accounts that didn’t fail to mock the new chief in town. Considering how easy it became for accounts to get a blue tick, many parody accounts have been verified since. They not only got the tick but also ended up sharing fake news and tweeting as someone else. An example is an account tweeting as OJ Simson saying ‘I did it.’ Another one named George Bush tweeted ‘missed killing Iraqis’ with an account under the name of Tony Blair agreeing to it.

The debate of whether or not a blue tick subscription is a good policy for users is a story of another day, but the funny thing is the supernatural beings who managed to get the tick. Jesus and Satan were able to make it to the list and also shared their respective tweets. This created quite some news leaving the internet buzzing and talking about it.

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Check them out!


9, 2022


Nintendo of America


George Bush and Tony Blair

We have to admit, these accounts are funny and maybe make Twitter a little more interesting!

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