Affecting nearly 15% of women in the reproductive age group, PCOS is new-age lifestyle disease that must be brought under control. The hormonal disruptions caused by PCOS affect the body entirely, but unfortunately, there is no real cure for this disease. But here are some PCOS diet tips that could help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What is PCOS?
Poly-cystic ovarian syndrome or disease is a hormonal imbalance of the hormones where the ovaries produce higher amounts of the male androgen hormones and lower amounts of estrogen. Due to this, the menstrual cycle gets disturbed and the eggs released each month aren’t washed out from the body. Hence, the ovaries swell up due to the unreleased eggs and form a cluster of cysts.
How does it affect the body?
There is an obvious imbalance in the reproductive hormones of the body but that leads to other complications as well. The first definitely being irregular periods, the woman’s menstrual cycle gets severely disturbed. Other side effects of the disease include weight gain, acne-prone skin, fertility issues, excess hair growth, and mood affections.
Dietary tips to fight PCOS
As mentioned earlier, PCOS does not have a real cure. The only way to counter it is to ‘manage’ the disease. Diet and lifestyle changes play a big role in keeping PCOS in check. Here are some PCOS diet tips to help you fight against its effects –

1. Fibers
Indulge in a high-fiber diet that includes a lot of fruits, veggies, whole grains, and seeds. Fibers contain antioxidants and maintain a good gut-health. Fibers are also anti-inflammatory and repair the on-going inflammation in the ovaries to an extent.


2. Don’t skip meals
The most ideal way to combat PCOS is to eat regularly and not skimp on meals. For any type of diet, having a good breakfast and a light dinner can do wonders. Women affected by PCOS, eating a hearty breakfast had reduced testosterone levels by 80% and ovulated 30% more.


3. Have anti-oxidant rich food
The best food to eat to counter inflammation are anti-oxidants. Berries, whole grain food, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of anti-oxidants. They help in reducing insulin levels and have an anti-inflammatory effect on the condition.

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 4. Reduce carbs
A moderate reduction in carb intake in women affected by PCOS improved their hormone levels. As carbs are converted to glucose, it raises the insulin levels in the body. If you’re reducing carbs in your diet, it can result in positive hormone levels, weight loss, and improve insulin activity.


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5. Increase protein intake
As mentioned earlier, testosterone levels are higher in women affected by PCOS. This results in excessive facial hair, deepening of the voice and irregular periods. Consuming higher amounts of protein reduces testosterone levels thereby restoring the hormonal imbalance caused due to PCOS. Include lean meat, dairy, eggs, nuts, fish, etc in your diet to help fight the symptoms.

6. Reduce sugary food
Sugary beverages, desserts or processed foods contain high amounts of sugar that trigger insulin activity in the body. They also affect the general gut health as they contain ingredients that are harmful.


These were some of the important PCOS diet tips to keep in mind if you’re suffering from the condition. Apart from that, regular exercise can do wonders for the condition as it improves ovulation, reduces insulin and aids in weight loss. Although PCOS has no curative medication, it can be managed by adopting healthy dietary and lifestyle choices.

While these PCOS diet tips are here to help, we recommend you seek professional advice on a diet plan that works best for you and your condition.