Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), as known, is a hormonal disorder common among women. It affects the menstrual cycle of women with infrequent or prolonged menstrual periods due to a hormone imbalance with the excess of male hormone (androgen) levels. The ovaries tend to develop follicles and fail to regularly release eggs. In India, experts claim that 10% of the women are affected by PCOS, however, no proper published statistical data is available regarding the same.

The symptoms can have varied effects in varying intensities for every woman. However, the most common symptoms include irregular or no periods, acne, increase in facial hair growth, difficulties in conceiving, weight gain and thinning of the hair on your head. If you’re experiencing any or all of these symptoms, don’t let it go unchecked, consult your gynecologist.

PCOS demands a lifestyle change to manage your stress levels and maintain a hormonal balance. Keep a close check on your diet is a must along with a maintaining a healthy workout. We know how difficult it is to maintain a work-life balance, which is why we’ve collated a list of easy workout options that you can incorporate in your daily life.

We have collated a few exercises from the experts to help you fight PCOS and add them in your routine –

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The most powerful tool you’re NOT using on your fat loss journey?? _ We know the fat loss game needs you to be in a calorie deficit, ie, calories out > calories in. While smart dieting will help you cover your calories in, are you doing all you can to cover your calories out? _ Lemme introduce you to the most underrated yet powerful tool in your fat loss arsenal: NEAT, ie Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis??‍♀️ NEAT is any activity that isn’t intentional exercise; fidgeting, walking, cooking, etc. _ There are 24 hours in a day & even if you live at the gym/ don’t have a life, your efficient training time would be an hour a day (only 5% of it!). D’you really think that hour is licence enough to warrant barely moving your butt all day? I want you to stop to consider what you’re doing in the other 23 hours. Seeing as you spend more time outside the gym than in, that’s what’s going to make a bigger diff in your fat loss progress than the hour at the gym. _ Your body’s constantly expending calories, even when you’re asleep, simply to keep you alive. But d’you just wanna survive/ d’you actually want to progress towards your goals? Before you start rolling your eyes & thinking this sounds like I’m asking you to workout every waking minute of the day, all I’m saying is the smallest of movements add up to get you closer to your goals. If sitting at your desk 8 hours a day burns 500 cals, standing half the day could increase that number to 700 cals. Throw in a quick post-lunch walk around the office, & you’ve upped the burn to 800 calories! _ Getting your NEAT up is actually a lot easier than you’d think. 1️⃣Walk & talk. Step away from your desk every time you get a ? 2️⃣For every 50 minutes on your ?, take a 5-10 minute walk around the office. 3️⃣Take a 5-10 min ??‍♀️ after lunch/dinner. 4️⃣Park your ? further away from your destination. 5️⃣Always take the stairs. Elevators do not exist ??‍♀️ 6️⃣Walk around the gym bw ??‍♀️ sets instead of whining/ lying down in a puddle of your own sweat. Yeah you! _ I know fat loss can seem daunting, esp if you’re starting out. Whenever you’re overwhelmed, ask yourself, what would this look like if it were easy?✨ 7/50

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Step It Up
Walking is one of the easiest ways to incorporate physical exercise in your routine. All you need is a pair of well-supporting and comfortable shoes to get going. Pick a time of the day that is the most suitable for you and get out of the house to increase your step count. Pace yourself throughout the walk, break into a short jog as well. Push your limits one step at a time (literally). Walking also gives you time to clear your thoughts which can, in turn, help you manage your stress levels too.

Weigh The Options
There are multiple fitness training options which are easily available and affordable too. If you like a routine workout and prefer doing it indoors, keep a check for the ones that offer good weight training options. Include it on your workout twice a week to avoid the excess weight gain and stay in shape.

Dance It Out
If gyms and weights aren’t your things then dance workouts are one of the best alternatives available for you. There are various studios which offer traditional dance forms as well as Zumba to keep your workout in check while you learn some new moves! And who doesn’t love dancing?!

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Swim your way to fitness
You don’t have to restrict yourself to the fitness workouts your peers follow. So, if you’re a water baby and enjoy swimming then jump into the pool or take up aqua aerobics. It works for all age groups and also gives you a chance to get fit doing something you love.

Be a sport
Another way to give your body a good reason to stretch itself is by learning a new sport. Pick something that challenging, set a goal and by the end of it, you will have another sport to show off your athletic side

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Yogasnas for the body and mind
Last but certainly not least, yoga is one option that can help you fight the symptoms of PCOS and help you feel more relaxed at the same time. Several yoga poses are known to work wonders for women with PCOS. The butterfly pose, boat pose, cobra pose, and the wide-legged forward bending pose can help with the circulation of blood flow and reduce hormonal imbalance as well.

Our demanding careers and busy lifestyles sometimes come in the way of our health but it is important to find time for yourself and listen to your body and mind to lead a long, healthy and happy life.

*While these exercises have proven to be helpful to lead a better lifestyle when combined with healthy eating habits, we recommend you to consult your doctor before taking up any form of physical activities or major lifestyle changes.*