These people are showing us how to stay positive during a quarantine

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Have a look at how people are coping up with the COVID-19 pandemic by killing their boredom and trying different ways to stay positive during the quarantine.

The Corona pandemic has reached out to countries around the world with over 2 lac cases being reported. The government and the concerned authorities are encouraging people to take safety precautions to help in reducing the spread of the same. People have been asked to stay at home and to isolate themselves to avoid interaction with other people. While it sounded exciting at first, social distancing might not be so fun after all. Who's going to love sitting in the same place for so long, right? But considering how smart and creative people are, they have found a better solution to this social distancing. People took to social media to share their 'quarantine and staying at home' videos that are entertaining and heart-warming at the same time. Since people are all anxious and worried considering how bad the pandemic has turned, these videos are helping people cope up with the situation and stay positive during quarantine.

Check out what people are doing to stay connected during quarantine:

Jamming with the talented neighbours


Letting animals have their time

Spreading positivity

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Christmas in March! Why not? People are putting up Christmas decorations to spread cheer from their home during self-isolation. One Rhode Island father Mike Griffin writes that his 10-year-old asked to put up lights, so they did! People are using the hashtag #lightsforlife I would be happy to share your holiday spring spirit in my stories ☺️ ? ? please use hashtag #christmasinmarchgnm so I can find them. ?❤️ (Also, to those who still have lights up you are unintentionally ahead of the game ???) Navidad en Marzo - en Estados Unidos algunos están decorando sus casas con luces para animar a sus vecindarios. #lightsforlife es un hashtag que están usando para compartir fotos. Si desean hacer lo mismo porfa usen el hashtag #christmasinmarchgnm para poder encontrarlos ?

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Letting fun take over mundane work?!

Karaoke, yes please!

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Quarantine karaoke

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Trying to keep up with the gym sesh

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Taking some time away from my daily schedule during quarantine has given me plenty of time for some workouts curtesy of the amazing @j.rowdy! I’m using whatever I have and making the best of it. Staying motivated is definitely a challenge, but I’m lucky to be taking virtual ballet classes with @slkballet and have plenty of exercises that I can do in my small apartment! Thank you Joel for helping me stay in shape during this crazy time in our lives? Stay safe everyone❤️ . . . #ballet #ballerina #balletdancer #dance #dancer #fitness #workout #training #trainer #workhard #balletfitness #balletworkout #strong #strength #covid_19 #quarantine #nyc #stayhealthy #stayhome #nycworkout

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Reading books

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Quarantine & Chill : Reading Books ? While we all are slowing down and getting back to basics of life in this period of quarantine. The best possible way to slow down and focus on more quality driven activities, is to read more books. I am into both fiction and non-fiction books ? Here is my list of favourite books which I read during the period of last few months. The actual list is a bit longer, but I don’t have all the books with me, since I tend to donate my books to my friends & family once I finish them. So Here it goes ? . NON FICTION . 1. Ikigai - This book is exactly what we all need to read right now in this period of quarentine, as it talks about the basics of living a healthy long life according to the Japanese Tradition. 2. Silence - A beautiful book written by a monk who talks about how to create more mindfulness & peace in these stressful times. . 3. Atomic Habits - A strategic way of creating new habits & breaking bad ones. . FICTION 1. Sputnik Sweetheart 2. The Alchemist 3. The Poison of Love . SHARE your all time favourite books in the comments section below ???? . #CCShivi #quarantineandchill

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Playing some sports

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Making TikTok videos with the family!

Brushing up their talent

Making some random videos won't do any harm, right!

What are you doing to stay positive during this quarantine period due to the spread of Covid-19?

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