No doubt monsoon is a refreshing season and rejuvenates nature and us but too much monsoon can really get to our nerves!

Even though we wish with all our heart for the scorching heat to end and welcome monsoon showers with glee, we forget the havoc monsoon causes once rain settles in.

Bollywood has romanticized rains but the truth is that it sucks! While it’ll be all fun and nice for a few hours and make us want to drink tea, eat samosas beside balconies, the reality of rains and struggles are unparalleled.

We have curated a fun list of things everyone who dreads monsoon showers can relate to. Here’s a catch. Every time you relate to the struggle take a sip of your hot tea and a bite of samosa because we know how happy you are to be under lockdown right now!

People who hate monsoon will instantly relate to these things:

Everything around you is wet, mucky and humid!

Your shoes are muddy and smelly all the time and it’s a pain to wear a wet pair of jeans.

It makes every single-ready to mingle soul feel lonely.

The hair gets frizzy and unmanageable and the hair fall is terrible.

Those drivers splashing dirty, muddy water at you.

You get drenched no matter how rain protected clothes and shoes you wear.

You end up paying way more to auto and cabs because it takes forever to reach your destination but only if you manage to get one!

The gloomy weather syndrome! 

Travelling in metros and trains is a nightmare

Monsoon cold, cough and sneezes take forever to heal.

Traffic! Traffic! Traffic! 

You hate the fact that your clothes are going to take 5 business days to dry!

You have to pack your food with extra care because of all the dampness.

Your walls are wet and the ceiling leaks.

It’s hot and humid in the afternoon and cold at nights. Confusing weather!


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