Piyush Goyal gets called out for tweeting a fake image; Twitter is having fun!

Mohammad Kanchwala
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tweeting a fake image

Well it’s another day and another Indian politician succumbed to not getting his facts right before hitting the Tweet button. This time it was Piyush Goyal, tweeting a fake image to celebrate the electrification of rural India.

The Minister of Railways and Coal is a respected and crucial government office, and tweeting a fake image certainly erodes the prestige of it. Here’s the tweet from Piyush Goyal’s official verified account.

Eagle eyed Twitter users took no time to rip the claim to shreds, calling out Piyush Goyal for tweeting a fake image to support their government’s claim but these replies were mostly ignored since a lot of people have fallen for the image. Posted 2 days ago, the tweet still hasn’t been taken down and Twitter users aren’t letting go off the opportunity to make fun.

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While there are hundreds of usual quarrelling tweets between ‘sicklular presstitutes’ and ‘Modi bhakts’ but the only ones having fun are these guys!

So, that's that? How was your day? *Asks with a formal small talk smile*

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