Ultimate Pizzaaaaah Places in Mumbai that are must visit for every Pizza Lover

Aniket Sawant
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Mumbaikars live an incredibly fast life and are always in search of a perfect dish that will not only satisfy their hunger pangs but also give them that perfect taste they crave for. So, we happen to come by a dish that matches the brisk lifestyle of Mumbaikars and as you would have guessed it – Pizza happens to be the front runner for it.

A dish with a common base, multiple layers of sauces and add-ons, CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESY texture that perfectly blends with Mumbaikars spirit. So coming down to the main question, what are the most perfect places in MUMBAI to have PIZZA? Well, we have compiled a list of places where you can get the best pizza in Mumbai:

Joey’s Pizza:

Joey’s is a pleasant surprise for all you pizza lovers as it does not veer away from the traditional style of pizza making. Their butter chicken and tornado chicken pizza can be the best combination ever with juicy meat pieces, gooey cheese, and crunchy base.

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Pizza by the Bay:

Ever heard of flamed pizza??? Well, you can find one here as you enjoy the view of a lovely sunset and fresh air at Marine Drive. Their BBQ Shrimp with Brandy pizza is the ultimate destination for flavors.

Pizza Express:

Wanna have your own personalized pizza? If yes, head straight to Pizza Express where Crispy cuts, thin & thick bread that easily melt in your mouth await for you. Best ones to have at Pizza Express are SOHO 65 Pizza & Formaggi 65.

Frencesco Pizzeria:

Are you looking forward to having authentic Italian pizza in Mumbai? Well, look no further we have Frencesco Pizzeria that has Handcrafted Gourmet Pizza for a Quintessential Foodie like You and Me. A food joint that is known for its value-for-money pizzas, extensive pizza varieties, with a crisp thin-crust that is firm on the side and ample choices available for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

1 Tablespoon Pizza Kitchen:

Wanna have New York style pizza slices that are cut out of 20-inch pies and slathered with tangy tomato sauce, and rich toppings and ushered into large stone deck ovens? Yes, they do have pizza’s like that in Mumbai and they are served at 1 Tablespoon Pizza Kitchen. Foodie inside you will say how can one pizza slice be enough? Well, pizza kitchen by 1 tablespoon can answer that for you with their huge slices.

1411 Pizzeria:

Looking forward to having a traditional wood-fired gourmet pizza that you can customize as per your requirements with 50 toppings to choose from? Well, 1411 Pizzeria gives all of that and they are not done there yet, they have also bought down Italy’s best Master Pizza Chef Renato Viola who has won many accolades in pizza making competitions across the world and is a proud member of the Italian Acrobatic Pizza Team. He modernizes this classic combining both traditional pizza making methods with new broad flavors.

Queen Margherita’s Pizzeria:

We got just another pizzeria and the new one in fact that flaunts the European spirit. With a massive open kitchen to wood-fired oven and brick walls, this comfy space looks and smells every bit like a perfect pizza-paradise for pizza lovers. Bringing in the element of authenticity that aces everything quintessential pizza needs: perfect dough, tangy sauce, fresh toppings, and delicious cheese.








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