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Love traveling during monsoons? These recommendations by the content creator, Sapna Malik are gold!

Do you never miss an opportunity to drench and make the most of the rains? For some reason, certain places have a different charm during monsoons and the joy of visiting these places during this season is unmatched. The need to travel during monsoons is so strong that we start planning our weekend with our friends as soon we see a little drizzle. Hence, we asked Sapna Malik to help us with her favourite spots to visit during monsoons to serve as some reccos for you!

Here are some of Sapna's recommendations to travel during monsoons!

Okhla Bird Sanctuary:

Right on the Noida Delhi border, this is a very silent and peaceful place that is perfect for monsoons. The canopies give a shelter from the drizzling and the view overlooks the Yamuna river, it is a place that is every poet’s dream. You also get to so a lot of different birds who are migrating or come in seasonal times. You can spend hours on the benches and enjoy the entire set, it’s a must-visit place that not many people go to.

Hauz Khas:

The Hauz Khas village area is always extremely pretty but during the rains, the fort next to the area is a sight to see, you can go and chill there with a couple of your friends or take a nice walk around the pond next to the fort. If you’re lucky you’ll even catch an aesthetic sunset.

Sundar Nursery:

This is Delhi’s go-to place for picnics. It has everything you could ask for, extensive greenery, impressive historical monuments and cute little cafes next to the lakes. Seeing friends and families enjoy their day off over here is so much fun. During rains, it’s all lush green and just a lovely place to visit. So these are just some of the places I love when the rains come around but there are many more gems to explore.

If you are in Delhi, don't miss out on these spots!

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