Places we'd visit if we could take a stress-free bicycle ride RN

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Travelling is always on our mind, no matter how short the distance is. Take a look at the places that we would visit if we could take a bicycle ride.

Sorry if you get offended, for we will be talking about travelling. We all know this is not something we wish to hear especially when we know sitting at home is our only option at hand. But talking about travelling may help one remember all the wonderful places that were just a short bicycle ride away but we took them for granted.

Even after the lockdown ends, people may take time before they use the airports and trains to travel. So, here we are sitting at home and imagining what are relief it would be if we could take a leisure bicycle ride. Not to mention, it will also help us burn all the quarantine weight that we have gained, thanks to all the recipes that social media trends made us try at home. So, we've listed all the places we'd visit if we could hop onto a bicycle RN!

Take a look:

Grocery Store: To stock up on our favourite snacks

Railway station: Mumbai peeps, you get this one, don't you? All of us train-travelling folks are experiencing withdrawal symptoms, aren't we?

BFF's house: I'm not crying, you are crying

The garden/ A garden/Any garden: For nature has gotten a major glow-up during the lockdown, thanks to the lack of human contact

The beach: Because a sunset doesn't look quite as stunning anywhere else, does it? And also the waves, and the sand and the wind on our hair. 

Our favourite restaurant: I miss checking the menu for 20 minutes and then ordering the same old stuff.

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PaniPuri vale bhaiya: People who miss him too, say, "Aye!" 

Shops selling clothes on discount: Because we all miss spending money on pointless things and we have nothing new to wear (as always). 

The liquor store: Come on, you knew this was coming

To the movies: We love lounging around with our laptops but going to the movies has a charm unmatched, doesn't it?

Which of these places would you visit if you could take a bicycle ride rn?

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