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relatable t-shirt quotes

We have made a list of sayings and phrases that would make for relatable t-shirt quotes. Take a look at them.

T-shirts are the only type of clothing that is ever going to go out of fashion. It is always here to stay. It is an ideal example of fashion and comfort. While we all love wearing them, it is also something that represents us. We have all seen T-shirts with quotes that we believe in while making it look cool. We have seen a bunch of them, but there are certain quotes and sayings that we think would make for perfectly relatable t-shirt quotes. These quotes will make for the perfect tshirt reference for the next time you want to make a point.

Take a look at these saying that we want as our relatable t-shirt quotes:

"Maa mein khana banaungi - Quarantine me"

"Listening is hard"

"Celebrate your body"


“Gender roles…offensive and out of date. Like you.”

“Don’t waste your time looking back. You’re not going that way.”

“Why am I in trouble because Boomers are weird around women.”

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"2020: suprises still loading..."

"I just got back with the ex 360 back"

"I survived 2020"

"The 2020 Graduate"

"I am a quarantine chef/painter/dancer"

"People love WFH, I am people"

"Want my opinion? Will Tweet that later!"

"I promise not to drunk dial you. Alcohol you later"

"Dogs make me pofget mi weords"

"Don't hate my cat. It's purr-sonal"


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