Love Travel Repeat- The new offering from Pocket Aces is for all travel and food lovers

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Love Travel Repeat

The show Love Travel Repeat marks Pocket Aces’ food channel Gobble’s entry in the travel and home genre.

Pocket Aces recently introduced an exciting new travel series, Love Travel Repeat on its lifestyle channel, Gobble. With the launch of the new series, the company spreads its wings to set footprint into the travel space. The series has 5 episodes featuring popular web actors Kriti Vij and Pranay Manchanda, as they embark on a road trip from Mumbai to Bengaluru. The first episode aired on 28th December on Gobble’s Facebook, YouTube and Instagram channels.

Gobble has fast evolved since its inception to reach 60M+ monthly reach and 200M+ monthly views. Love Travel Repeat is the first show from the new Gobble, where the couple’s adventures along the road trip are decided by the audiences’ suggestions received online.

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Commenting on the new series, Sonalika Mehra, Gobble’s channel manager, said, “Over the last three years, Gobble has become a household name in the food space. As we created food-focused non-fiction content, we realised the gap that currently exists in India for digital lifestyle content. We plan to create over 6 series and several short video formats over the year to cater to and better understand the audience for home and travel content. Through this expansion, we also hope to partner with relevant brands to create fresh digital content in order to reach out to a wider demographic. We are kicking off the new Gobble with our first travel series, Love Travel Repeat where a real-life couple travels from Mumbai to Bangalore.”

Here is the first episode of Love Travel Repeat:

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