Content creators and internet sensations, Poonam and Pranav Sapra who run the @MotherWithSign page on Instagram make global news as they get featured on The Drew Barrymore Show.

Digital Creators have been able to win hearts and gain followers because of the content that they post online. India has several such Creators who not only inspire us but also give us our daily dose of fun and laughter. They are able to talk about issues and make content that is quite relatable. These creators grow to become a special part of our social media life. Digital Creator, Pranav Sapra is someone who has won people with his real-life and engaging content. It is not just him, but his mother, Poonam Sapra as well who has made the internet a happy place.

Pranav made an account for his mother and the account features all of his Poonam’s wise and witty advice. All of the posts on her Instagram are important and something that we have all heard at our homes as well. Spreading a ton of positivity, this account has made it to everyone’s favourite list.

It’s not just the Indian audience that is impressed with this mom-son duo, they’re receiving some love from overseas as well. Recently, they got featured in The Drew Barrymore Show, hosted by the actor herself. Drew recently launched her talk show where she talks to celebs and influencers while sharing positive and inspiring news. The Sapras made it to her segment called ‘Drew’s News’ where the mother-son duo was appreciated for spreading positive energy through their Instagram posts.

Take a look:

Poonam Sapra appreciated the feature and thanked the actor in her own way:

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