Your guide on what to wear for your building-wali Holi party!

Bollywood thinks it is white, but we all know what the ideal building Holi party outfit looks like. But if you still are in doubt, we have made a guide for you.

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It’s that time again when people get to their rowdy selves. The time when people strategize and plan like their lives depend on it. If there is any festival that feeds people’s adrenaline, well, it’s Holi. It’s not just about getting home drenched after hours of playing with your friends or the chance to devour all the amazing delicacies that are prepared at home. It’s the whole prep that happens for the day. You are constantly thinking of ways to have the perfect surprise attack, finding corners to stack your water balloons, looking for the weirdest colors you can find, and making each Holi crazier than the one before. Among all this planning and strategizing, one cannot forget to choose an outfit that fits best for the day. No runaway or fashion week can help you find the perfect outfit that will be worthy of your building Holi party. We grew up watching Bollywood movies that romanticized white as the ideal Holi color. But as individuals, we know that it is not practical in the real world and that we can never actually live that dream of building-wali Holi party. There are some realistic fashion fits that one should instead choose, and we know you would agree with this list we have prepared.

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Here’s your fashion guide to a crazy party!

Old t-shirts that can also work as a house poocha

White - if you are daring enough to meet your mother’s wrath

Parachute coconut oil - if you are not smothered in it, then what is the point?

Sandals - Not the chappals but a proper strap sandal to help you run

Pants with enough pockets - so you can stock all the extra water balloon

Do you agree with these fit choices? If we have missed any let us know in the comments below.

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