POV: Embracing the Holi spirits in true introvert-style!

Eden Cardoz
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If you relate to the feeling of wanting to be in the comfort of your home during the Holi week, then you'd probably agree with my POV of celebrating Holi as an introvert.

For the longest time I remember I HATED stepping out in Holi. I know hate is a strong word but nothing’s changed since back when I was in school. I'm still the tortoise who goes into her shell when it comes to the festival because of how horrifying my introverted self finds it. Picture this, it’s the Holi week and everyone’s waiting to throw colors, and water balloons but instead of feeling excited all you want is to be at home in the comfort of your space. If you were ever in a situation as such, let me tell you as a fellow introvert, I totally get you! While the world basks in the madness and fun, I feel like Holi only brings out the introverted side for many of us more than usual.

I remember walking back home from school with my sweater covering my head like a traditional bride in an attempt to take cover from the water balloon wars post-school. Despite all the efforts I would still reach home drenched and upset. This was followed by the constant sneezing and bad cold that I would have for days after. There's nothing more annoying than that feeling. This is just one of the many events I can reminisce about over my experience as an introvert during Holi. It may sound absurd to people, but I know my fellow introverts can completely agree with it. I know the celebration is fun, but I would simply not get the joy and excitement about it.

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Yes, it is thrilling to watch how Holi looks on screen and I still enjoy seeing Ranbir and Deepika having a blast in YJHD, or SRK dancing with his students in Mohabbatein. But when it comes to real life, you’ll never find me stepping out of the house at all. My ideal Holi would be spending time by myself, in my room, watching my favorite series, followed by a long day of sleeping in. 

I realize the meaning that the festival holds for people who celebrate it as a time to be with their family and friends. However, some of us just prefer to rather have some personal time for ourselves, resting and enjoying our day off. I think while they get to embrace the craziness, introverts like me must be allowed to be themselves in their own space. If you think about it, why would one spend it tiring themself, looking like a palette that they have to struggle to take off? Especially when you have an equally enticing option.

Since Holi is almost approaching, let me tell my fellow introverts that it's fine to march to the beat of your drum. Whether you choose to celebrate or even retreat into the comfort of your solitude, know that it's all fine. No one can force you into something you don’t want to do. Celebrate the introverted YOU this Holi season, because you know how the saying goes, ‘Bura na mano holi hai!’

For all you introverts, got any introvert Holi stories to share with us? Let us know in the comments below. 

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