Ibrahim Ali's Instagram post reignites some Ta Ra Rum Pum nostalgia!

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 Ibrahim Ali Khan Ta Ra Rum Pum

Ibrahim Ali Khan Ta Ra Rum Pum

Ibrahim Ali's new Instagram post, where he is seen posing with Formula 1 driver Charles Leclerc, reminded everyone of Saif Ali Khan's film Ta Ra Rum Pum!  

We, especially millennials, are a generation built by their trauma. But we are also a generation that is built by our nostalgia for the films we grew up with. Whether it is Imran Khan's comeback or any minute reference from a Bollywood film, it all makes us go gaga on the internet. And this recent Instagram post by Ibrahim Ali Khan, if anything, is definite proof of this! 

Ibrahim Ali Khan recently made his Instagram debut, where he mostly posts about his collaborations. For one such collab, he met Formula One racing driver Charles Leclerc in Miami, where he attended the Miami Grand Prix. He shared a few photos from his trip on his Instagram, and even he couldn't help but find a reference to his father, Saif Ali Khan's film in his caption. These pictures and his caption were all that was needed for social media to go bonkers with their nostalgia! Seeing Ibrahim on the race tracks dressed in that red Ferrari jersey reminded many of Saif’s character, Rajveer Singh, aka RV, from Ta Ra Rum Pum (2007), who was a professional racer. 

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The Instagram comment section exploded and quickly created its own little multiverse. People asked for a sequel to Ta Ra Rum Pum, quoted dialogues, and got sentimental about how RV's son is all grown up and might become a racer, too. Puma, who was a part of the original collaboration, also chimed in on the fun, while Kareena Kapoor Khan also left a poo-styled reaction comment! 

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Twitter aka X also couldn't keep calm!

We love the irony of social media that this post brought out! Living in this world of consumerism where everything is curated in a way that is targeted at you, this collaboration post getting an organic response is rather interesting! What did you think about this intended yet unintended nostalgic ride back to Ta Ra Rum Pum? Tell us in the comments below! 

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