From swiping to soulmates: Kho Gaye Hum Kahan was the mirror of modern romance!

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Kho Gaye Hum Kahan

Kho Gaye Hum Kahan dealt with romance in the digital age and everything that comes along with it, here’s why we felt it was pretty accurate!

Kho Gaye Hum Kahan is one of the most relatable films in recent times when it comes to how our generation deals with the concept of love and dating. The film shows the usage of dating apps from the first frame itself. The good, bad and ugly side of it. Every anxious first date, secret rendez vous and how it leaves you feeling by the end of it. Dating apps have their advantages and disadvantages. There are quite a few of us who still believe in old school romance or have our standards set high due to Bollywood but it would also be a waste of resources if we don’t use dating apps to the fullest. We have something that our previous generations did not have the liberty of - the opportunity to explore what we like and we don’t in a partner. We have the chance to meet so many people from a vast city. Kho Gaye Hum Kahan authentically dives into all of this while also holding the mirror of reality for us!

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There are four relatable factors we noticed while the lead characters used dating apps in the movie!

Dating apps play an important role while getting over someone

Ahana jumps right into the world of dating apps after being brutally dumped by Rohan. It’s a good mood booster to lift up your confidence, to make you feel like you still have a chance in the dating pool. The fact that someone else desires you the way your ex-partner did is exactly what one needs sometimes!

kho gaye hum kahan

Apps aren't always used to find love; they're prominently used for hook-ups 

Siddhant’s character Imaad swipes his way into one night stands throughout the film. It honestly speaks the truth of what most people are looking for on dating apps. Love it, hate it, but sexual exploration is a huge part of our youth today and rightfully so. Instead of it being a taboo topic, it’s boldly making it to mainstream cinema now. 


It works hand in hand with your social media game

When Ahana goes on her first date right after getting dumped, she posts a story with the guy she is on a date with. Although in reality she’s not even enjoying or into her date at all. The film authentically shows how we’re so consumed by social media that just for the game of jealousy or to show that we have a better life than everyone else, we’re ready to post about stuff that we aren’t even connected to.

kho gaye hum kahan

And if you’re lucky…you might just find the one!

Through his ups and downs, Imaad did find Simran on a dating app! And she was the calm to his chaos. If you don’t lose hope on the swiping and exploring, you eventually might just stumble upon your soulmate.

kho gaye hum kahan

Simran also does a series of photographs and interviews on the ‘people of Tinder’ where she meets and talks to them about their experiences with the dating app. While the film shows the raw truth about today’s dating culture, it also is the center of the film in all its glory. These reasons are why the film was so relatable to most of us who are a part of the modern dating landscape. Kho Gaye Hum Kahan was written by the people of today for the people of today!

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