10 things every employee wishes their boss said more often

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Not everyone can be the 'World's Best Boss' like Michael Scott, but they definitely can try by saying these quotes out loud to their employees as appreciation.

As a working adult constrained to live on society’s idea of needing a job to survive, it’s hard to always feel like the main character. Everyone deserves to enjoy doing what they love without having to worry about meeting deadlines. But since we have to wake up five days a week and grind, we all have some expectations from our jobs. Specifically from our boss! Michael Scott once said, "People will never be replaced by machines. In the end, life and business are about human connections. And computers are about trying to murder you in a lake. And to me the choice is easy." Like the TV's favourite boss himself said, appreciating and taking care of the people you work with is important. 

If there's anything that TV shows based on office culture has given us, is the need to have a boss like them. It may also be because of the love-hate relationship we share with our boss. Our work revolves around us looking for inspiration or constructive criticism from them, which is also why employees often talk about things they expect them to do. Be it getting appreciated for the work we do or understanding the stress we face, knowing that your boss notices them is enough to boost an employee's morale. There is nothing better than using words to communicate how to feel and maybe bosses can use them for their employees too. Every employee has a list of things they wish their boss said instead, and we obviously made a list of them for the bosses to notice.

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The list is not long but covers things every employee would like to hear their boss say:

A little appreciation now and then will work wonders. How about saying, “I see the hard work that you have put into the whole project. Congratulations on making it a success!”


But also show their support with things fail with something like, “It’s okay if things didn’t turn out the way we planned it. Let’s learn from this and make the next one a success.”


Let them know that you are available with a small, “I’m here if you need me. Feel free to reach out.”


Show the team that their efforts don’t go unnoticed. Use an “I have noticed how you have been leading your teammates. You make a great team leader” if it feels like it.

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Stand up for the team by ensuring, “We’ll try to get the clients to like this," when it's a nice idea


Remind the employees of their value and remind them with a promising “You are an asset to this company so yes, we’ll pay you what you deserve”


Let them know that you take care of their mental health with, “Need a long leave? Go for it. I know you feel burnout and you deserve this vacation.”


It's okay to admit “I think we can cancel this meeting because it can totally be an email”


Show others that you appreciate your team with an “Oh thanks for the compliment, but it was actually a member of our team who came up with the idea. They deserve the praise.”


Also there's nothing like admitting “I am stuck with something and need help”


What is that one thing you wish your boss said? Let us know in the comments below.

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