Positive affirmations that you need to tell yourself every day

Chayanika Roy
Jun 16, 2020 07:46 IST
positive affirmations

Let's befriend ourselves, motivate ourselves and indulge in positive affirmations with ourselves to embrace our fears and strengths.

Amidst the current atmosphere, where the future seems bleak and the pandemic has created a void between the present and our dreams, it's normal to feel demotivated or defeated by negative emotions. However, these positive affirmations can boost your morale and you can be back to slaying as usual with confidence.

Being kind and emphatic towards your feelings can make a significant difference in your life. Let's stop judging ourselves or doubting our capabilities and turn all those pessimistic thoughts into hopeful affirmations. Let's come out more powerful in heart and mind once this is over. Stay strong and give yourself a big hug of these positive affirmations.

Lighten up your day with these positive affirmations:

I love myself for who I am. 

I put good energy out in the world, knowing I will receive good things in return. 

I visualize my dream life and watch it as it manifests into reality. 

I'm in control of my thoughts, choices and feelings. 

I'm courageous to stand up for myself and fight all the demons. 

My possibilities are endless. 

I have the power to create change and radiate positivity. 

I'm worthy, strong and doing my best to achieve my goals. 

I'm brave, bold and beautiful. 

Everything is going to be okay in the end. 

I'm proud of myself and everything I have accomplished until now. 

It's okay to take a step back to take two steps forward.

I've enough potential to make my life big and successful. 

I'm growing into my fullest self to move forward with great energy.

I'm a winner and I dare to be different from the crowd. 


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