These positive things that came out of the lockdown are a sign of relief

Smrithi Mohan
Apr 02, 2020 14:38 IST
positive things

There are a lot of positive things around nature and animal life that came out of this lockdown and people are sharing them on social media for the world to see. Check out these videos and photographs as you spend your time at home.

The effect of Coronavirus is harder than we could have ever imagined. People are suffering around the world and are forced to stay indoors as a precaution to stop further spread of the disease. This lockdown has caused people to be all grumpy and bored as they have nowhere to go but to spend their time at home. While it may seem boring and exhausting, the hindrance to one has resulted as a boon to the other. We could see the results in major metro cities around the world. These results are startling as the environment has turned all merry for our beautiful wildlife. Since people are confined to their homes and are not travelling, the amount of pollution has drastically dropped. Animals are coming out of the limited green areas and roaming around freely on the roads. Schools of various types of fish present in the ponds are now visible as the water has become clear due to the lack of tourist traffic. People took to social media to share these positive things and outcomes of lockdown giving us all hope and motivation to go on until everything becomes normal.

Take a look at these positive things that happened due to lockdown:

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