In memory of all the midnight-snacks we had over this lockdown, we made a list of things that your refrigerator might say if it was possessed this Halloween.

There is not much travelling that has happened this year. Apart from the one that we enjoyed from our room to the refrigerator. The visits that only happened at midnight now has become a more frequent one. We have all developed a special bond with our refrigerator and it is stronger than and more long-lasting than the person you are talking to on the dating app.

Thank God it is not a living thing, because if it was the whole of the world would have been married by now. Despite all the happiness and disappointments we get from visiting it often, there is a lot that it would have said if it was alive. Considering how spooky this season of the year is, we thought of things that our refrigerator would say if it was possessed this Halloween. And these things have us feeling bad for the poor thing.

Check out these things that our haunted refrigerator would say:

Stop checking me out, you have the same sabzi from yesterday

You are back again? Give your stomach a 5-min break

Well, I don’t want to hear you cry again for that extra pound. It’s not me, it’s you.

You need to store some vegetables in here

Yuck, take this stale pizza out of me. I stink from within.

Is it just me who thinks that you need to be on a relationship soon? Your single a$$ needs to get away from me.

Did your mom just slam my door hard because you did not finish the sabzi? And people call me ‘cold-hearted’.

*sarcastically* Sorry to disappoint you, ma’am, I was designed to keep things fresh and not produce food. It’s not my fault you didn’t find anything new to eat in here.

It’s Diwali again. Arr! I knew I will be stuffed with sweets again. But I know you can finish it in 2 days.

No matter how slow you are going to close the door, the light still goes off just like it did 15 years ago.

What would it take for you to take that stupid painting off my head? Your child’s cuteness does not apply to this drawing.

No matter how haunted our refrigerator is, we will always love it!

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