Want to try out some prank ideas on April Fool’s? Scroll down to see what social media suggests.

Who likes to get fooled on April 1? Absolutely nobody! But we also don’t want to miss the chance to have some playful fun with our loved ones and taking a day to engage yourself in something quirky and childish isn’t doing anyone any harm. People engage in funny pranks and practical jokes to lighten the mood today which is fun but sometimes people tend to take their prank ideas way too far. It’s fun as long as it is not causing harm and embarrassment to people. This day can be seen as an opportunity for one to be creative and imaginative.

We’ve seen people coming up with unique and harmless pranks and that is what having fun is all about. By choosing harmless and creative pranks, we can all enjoy the day while respecting others’ feelings and boundaries. Coming up with some cool ideas can be tough but you can always take some inspo from the internet. Here are some pranks on social media that can help you in pulling off your perfect prank on your friends and family.

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Check them out!

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