From managing a full-time profession to walking the online ramp, influencer Preksha Makhijaa is inspiring people in her own way.

One thing that makes us want to follow all the fashion influencers on an online platform is the quality styling tips that they have to offer us. Every influencer has their own unique take on the simplest article of clothing and indirectly influences our own style. Even if we may not completely adapt their style we end up learning a thing or two from them. And fashion influencer, Preksha Makhijaa is helping us deal with our fashion choices in her own way.

Preksha may be among the many fashion influencers in India, but it’s not the only profession she’s dedicated her time to. A system engineer by profession, Preksha tries her best to divide her time between these two equally. She’s of the opinion that by giving both professions her time, she can manage both. She makes sure that one profession is not affecting the other and does her best to divide her work in a timely manner to satisfy her love for both. Preksha mentioned, “My job as a system engineer basically includes working 9 hours every day and so my time to create content is brought down just to the weekends. I make sure to devote my 1000% to both, keeping up the efficiency for both areas of work.”

Her content creation journey has only been a boon to her. Preksha who has been creating content for a while now has a substantial amount of followers on Instagram. Over the years, she’s tried to tap into different types of content that can make a difference and she’s figured out her personal style through this process. The fact that her friends and audience actually look to her for advice, opinions & style only makes it all worthwhile for her.

One thing that influencers eventually end up with is brands reaching out to them. When you have followers that look up to you, choosing a brand has its own responsibility. She says, “I’ve always been ready to work with a variety of content and show it out to the audience what that product really stands for.”

Fashion may mean a lot of things to different people. But Preksha Makhijaa looks at fashion as a way to put herself apart from the rest. She hopes to stand out and speak through her own style. She’s aware that fashion is not always about Gucci and Prada. It’s about the ability of a person to turn the most basic piece of clothing into something that sets them apart. She believes that one can do the bare minimum and still be fashionable enough to slay the world. She is of the opinion that accessorizing in the right manner is the biggest key. She says, “The right accessories can completely change the mood and style of the outfit, be it by adding layers, adding colours, statement jewellery, bags and whatnot.”

If you want fashion tips, check out Preksha’s account on Instagram.

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