On her 36th birthday , Social Samosa analyses the traits and incidences that make Priyanka Chopra the global star that she is.

I wasn’t the prettiest girl in the room, but I learned to carry myself with confidence–that’s how you make the best impression on people – Priyanka Chopra.  

The tag ‘Sassy and Classy’ best suits the birthday girl. Her journey from donning the crown of Miss World in 2000 to her innings in Bollywood to traversing the globe and making her mark in Hollywood, PeeCee is all praise.

Being one such versatile actor, Chopra went onto become B Town’s very own Desi Girl- all thanks to her acting skills. Whether it be Fashion’s Meghna Mathur or Bajirao Mastani’s Kashibai or Baywatch’s Victoria Leeds, her characters have entertained us throughout and Daddy’s Li’l girl has aced them all.

Hailing from a small town Bareily in UP, Chopra dreamt big, believed in her dreams and embarked on a journey that was meant to be what it is today- a successful one. Having a bite of reality check here, very few  manage to translate their dreams into reality with utter passion and a braveheart – Chopra being the real ‘Bareily Ki Barfi’ has made us believe in it.

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As the actress turns 36 today, we take a walk down memory lane and list down some moments, also a few of her traits that make her ‘The Priyanka Chopra’.

For putting the spotlight on #PowerOfWomen

Growing up in a middle class family, PeeCee prides herself of taking birth to whom she calls- her ‘incredible’ parents. She was exposed to the world of gender disparity at a very young age and filled with a positive attitude due to her family background and immense support of her parents she tried harder at every step to bridge the gap and make a ‘being woman’ more powerful each day.

Helping the lesser fortunate

At the age of 8, Piggy Chops donned the role of an assistant pharmacist when her parents too her on visits to underdeveloped place in their hometown. There she learned the importance of ‘giving’ and helping those who are not fortunate enough to afford the happiness. Since then there was no looking back. She has been running a lot of charities under her umbrella and lets her actions speak louder than words.

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Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Nothing’s wrong being proud of yourself at the stage when you have achieved what seemed to be difficult. “I got where I am today by being fierce, fearless and flawed,” quotes Chopra while delivering a speech in delhi on Breaking The Glass Ceiling and  Chasing a dream.

For being ‘Bold and Beautiful’

Bold- not only in terms of experimenting with her looks but PeeCee knows best how to give a fitting reply to trollers on their face. Known for not mincing her words, PeeCee unlike others has been always speaking her mind and heart out. Also, the leggy lass is quite popular for her choices of outfits and setting style trends across seasons.

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All for a cause

The Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF, Piggy Chops manages to take time off from her hectic shooting schedules and visit the vulnerable refugee children and women sheltered in camps on the countryside whether it be the Rohingyas or the oppressed Syrians. She tries her best to get that extra support from wherever she can to help the needy in such undeveloped places across the globe.

I’m in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh today for a field visit with UNICEF, to one of the largest refugee camps in the world. In the second half of 2017, the world saw horrific images of ethnic cleansing from the Rakhine State of Myanmar(Burma). This violence drove nearly 700,000 Rohingya across the border into Bangladesh – 60% are children! Many months later they are still highly vulnerable, living in overcrowded camps with no idea when or where they will ever belong…even worse, when they will get their next meal. AND…as they finally start to settle and feel a sense of safety, monsoon season looms…threatening to destroy all that they’ve built so far. This is an entire generation of children that have no future in sight. Through their smiles I could see the vacancy in their eyes. These children are at the forefront of this humanitarian crisis, and they desperately need our help. The world needs to care. We need to care. These kids are our future. Pls Lend your support at www.supportunicef.org #ChildrenUprooted @unicef @unicefbangladesh Credit: @briansokol @hhhtravels

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As I walk into the Women Friendly Space at the Jamtoli Camp, I am instantly struck by a certain calmness. These camps are loud & crowded, actually overcrowded, and so to find a quiet oasis, in this case a small hut with a tarp roof and thatched bamboo walls, is surprising. But for the girls in this camp, this is what they call their “house of peace.” It’s a place they can come and just be. A place to interact with friends, seek counselling, learn about hygiene, or learn life skills like art and music. There are approx 50 Women Friendly Spaces in the camps, just like this one, that on any given day see 50-70 Rohingya girls seeking these safe havens. The centers open at 9am, but there is seldom a day when the women aren’t lined up early, waiting for the doors to open. It is here that I met three 18 year old young women, in particular, who’s stories really shook me – their names have been omitted to protect their identities. They recounted lives of pain and suffering so horrifying…it’s difficult to fathom. One scarred with memories of houses in her village being burned – she and her parents traveled for two days to get here, passing hundreds of decapitated and dismembered bodies along the way. Another shared stories of young girls being pulled from their homes to be raped and tortured. They even tried to kill her and cut her with a knife, but she fought back. How did you manage to be so brave, I asked her…she replied, “If you’re born you will die, so I’m not scared of dying today.” In what world is it normal for an 18 year old girl to have this perspective on life?! The third young woman traveled for nearly two weeks on foot through the forest, where her youngest brother died along the way. There was lots of rape and torture back home she told me, and some women’s breasts were even cut off. While their lives are safer now, they are all still struggling. They know that with an education they can get a job and create better lives for their family, like buying protein for their meals, and clean drinking water. It’s literally as basic as that. Please help however you can, no donation is too small…go to www.supportunicef.org #childrenuprooted @unicef

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Voicing against typecasting and  Not giving a f*** about trolls

It was in 2016 when Priyanka Chopra’s armpits became the talk of the town when she appeared on the cover of Maxim. Many accused to magazine of photoshopping her armpits to make them fairer sans any arm folds. Putting all the trolling to rest, the Desi Girl went ahead and posted a real picture of her boasting of her armpits stating ‘nofilter’.

Seems like Chopra has championed this trait of shutting down the trollers mouth by responding to them in their own way. In an another controversy when she was questioned for her choice of dress which showed her legs during her meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, PeeCee did it again!

The Ultimate ‘Desi Girl’

We may go gaga over her work goals in the West, but Priyanka Chopra proves that howmuchever more amount of time she spends in the New York City or any other part of the world, she will always remain and ‘Indian’ by heart. She has played a significant role in putting India on the global map. Bounded by the roots, Daddy’s Li’l Girl Priyanka Chopra has time and again essayed the role of an ideal Beti, a perfect sister and a true citizen.

Not being in a hush-hush relationship 

Priyanka Chopra has been making news for varied reasons. The global star this time too hasn’t shied away from making hand-in-hand public appearance with boyfriend Nick Jonas. Unlike many celebrities who prefer keeping their relationships status private, PeeCee is quite open about it and believes in going with the flow.

#priyankachopra and #nickjones spotted

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People’s Choice

Not only winning an award makes her the ‘People’s Choice’, but the national award winning actress has become the ultimate favourite diva and an inspiration for lots because of her deeds and immense contribution in the society. Mark these words of the global diva- “I think it’s great to be flawed. I am hugely flawed, and I like it this way. That’s the fun of life. You fall, get up, make mistakes, learn from them, be human and be you.”




Happy Birthday Priyanka Chopra. May you shine always!