Priyanka Panwar is showing us the power of makeup through her celebrity looks

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Priyanka Panwar

From Late Sushant Singh Rajput to every one's favourite friend, Jennifer Aniston, Indian makeup artist, Priyanka Panwar can transform into anyone.

There is nothing more challenging than getting that winged eyeliner right with both eyes looking the same! If one can truly crack the code on that one, they can do anything! While many of us still struggle with this, we've come across people who can do wonders with their makeup palettes. And if you don't mention Priyanka Panwar while talking about incredible makeup artists in India, this conversation would be incomplete!

While all of us spend hours scrolling through Instagram, for Priyanka this scroll session became a point of inspiration to do something more. Tried of her monotonous office life, she always wanted to do something different and unique. She found herself enthralled by various makeup videos online and decided to take a 3-month weekend course to learn the same. Soon she decided to quit her old job and took up make-up as a full-time career.

After expanding her client base, she decided to try something interesting. Like why go for botox when you can use the power of makeup? Priyanka uses makeup to transform herself into various celebrities and characters. She posted her first picture where she transformed into the late, Sushant Singh Rajput. The picture received great comments and appreciation from her followers. This encouraged her to try her hand at other celebrities and she's been posting videos and pictures ever since. She spends 11 hours every day transforming into these famous faces. The only challenge that she faces while re-creating these looks is getting their nose right. Priyanka also uses wigs and contact lens to nail the final look. Apart from celebrities' looks, she also shares various optical illusion makeup looks that are loved by her followers.

Check them out:

Isn't she super talented? Check out some of her work here.

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