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Rajani Rajan

Take a look at how Instagram blogger and artist, Rajni Rajan has the internet on her fingertips with her incredible nail-art.

Artists are always open to new ways of displaying their creativity. Over the years, the internet has seen artists show off their incredible talent in their own unique ways. Nail art is one fascinating sensation that took the internet by storm. Who would have guessed that a regular nail could be turned into a canvas by artists? Also, who wouldn’t want their nails to have more than just paint? Indian nail artist, Rajni Rajan has left the internet stunned with her nail art.

Nail art is both exciting to watch and have on your nails. From creating intriguing designs to actual sculptures on the nails, this art has grown over the years. People are willing to experiment with how their fingers look and this has encouraged artists to try new things. Rajni Rajan happens to be one of them who is trying to make a statement with her nail art. She turned something that was just a part of one's beauty regime into a platform to raise awareness. She not only shares beautiful designs but also paints wonderful messages on her nails. If you love nail art, you have to check out her work on Instagram.

Take a look:

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