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If you ever wondered whether doctors can actually perform surgeries like in Grey’s Anatomy or if a real life sniper can actually shoot from a three blocks radius, watch these professionals in real life react to scenes from movies and TV shows.

Movies and TV shows have taken over half of our lives, especially over the last two years. They are the source of entertainment that kept us from worrying about real-world problems. Watching our favorite characters in action only makes us more interested in the whole storyline. One thing that makes it more intriguing is the fact that these characters look way cooler than anyone in real life. From chasing cars to throwing a punch, they make it look like a piece of cake. It won’t be wrong to say that some of us choose a career because of our favorite TV shows and movies.

The fact that our favorite actors fight against crime or cure someone with such ease leaves us wanting to be just like them. But, most of the time the scenes are either exaggerated for dramatic effects or to make the characters look cooler and out of the world. Watching them has us imagining that this is what the actual job looks like. While we might not be experts in that field, these professionals are. They react to scenes from our favorite TV show or movie. They're talking about how much of these scenes is real and how much is dramatized to break the myth. They talk about how these scenes stand true to what happens in real life, the terms used, and how much of it is not practical in real life.

Check 'em out:

Doctor Mike reacts to Grey's Anatomy

Legal Eagle reacts to Suits

Real Detective Reacts To Sherlock

Real Life Ninja Reacts To Naruto

Real Magician Reacts to Hollywood Magic

Parkour experts react to Assassin's Creed

Special Ops Sniper reacts to sniper scenes in movies


Pro boxer reacts to fighting scenes

Real-life Hacker reacts to hacking scenes from movies

Chef reacts to food scenes from movies

Physicist Reacts to the Big Bang Theory

Psychologist reacts to therapy scenes from movies and TV

Do you think these reactions of real life professionals ruined the TV show and movie scenes for you? Let's discuss this in the comments below!

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