The talented actor, Purab Kohli who is no stranger to the world of web series, is currently seen in the latest addition to Hotstar Specials – Out of Love. Here’s what he has to say about his character in the show and more.

Purab Kohli is one actor who most of us have had a crush growing up, he’s also one actor who has left us in awe of his acting prowess with his performances. The talented actor has been a model, a VJ and has acted in numerous films as well as web series. He was one of the first Indian actors to be a part of an international web series called Sense8 and has done several other since. And now, Purab Kohli is all set to give his fans another serving of his talented performance. He will be seen playing a grey character in the latest addition to Hotstar Specials roster titled, Out Of Love.

Directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia and Aijaz KhanOut of Love is a gripping drama series about a marriage that’s been poisoned by infidelity. Starring Purab Kohli and Rasika Dugal as the on-screen couple, it is an official adaptation of multi-award-winning series Doctor Foster. Out Of Love raises a key question – when faced with infidelity what would you do. Forgive, Forget or Fight?

Check out what Purab Kohli has to say about his character in Out Of Love and more…

What drew you to the character and the show? Was it because dramas work well with the Indian audience?

“Well, I think I function from a point of view of more not what people will like but what I will like because at the end of the day I want to watch what I do. I want to watch shows, I want to watch things and I have a personal choice of creative content that I connect with. I had seen Dr Foster when it was released and when they said, “We are remaking Dr Foster, do you want to play the part of Simmon Foster’s part?” It was an instant sort of jump up. Like wow, this is exciting this is a show I have watched and I have liked and yes, it has got a lot of drama in it. It is an exciting subject that seldom gets talked about and the way they have dealt with it, the way the character has grown more or fallen has to say is really what is exciting about this show. I think the approach is always from your own point of view saying, “This is what I think I would like to do”. It is only if you are having fun, you are doing full justice to it. You connect with the character and it, in turn, connects with the audience. So, giving the audience what they always want is I think a bit disregarding of them in a strange way. “They like this let’s just give them that”. I think one should always explore new ideas take the risk of exploring new ideas, in turn, the audience grows with you and they start opening up to new ideas that they probably wouldn’t have.

He further added,

“Creative process is exhibited and put out in different formats all the time and the reason why they are put out, whether it is a painting or show or a story, is I think because the creator is trying his best to sort of put out a newer idea or newer thought. In turn, the world grows and asks for newer ideas and more creative people come out with it. It is an interesting, give-and-take relationship with the audiences and I think it is very abusive and disregarding to say let’s give them what they want and make money out of it. Saying that, I want people to see what I do.”

  1. Infidelity has been spoken about on TV shows but in a melodramatic way. Out Of Love is more nuanced. What do you like most about the treatment of the show?

“Anybody who finds out that their partner is cheating on them when they are so invested in the relationship, they feel cheated on and they feel a different range of emotions. Television seems to dwell in the sad aspect of drama and build on it. I think here, there is drama but it is a different sort of drama. Here the character’s journey is about making the decision on what she is going to do as opposed to what’s happening to her while it is happening. She is going through things that are natural for her to go through… a whole range of emotions when you doubt and then find out that he is having an affair. But what you do after that is exciting and is interesting as people are also looking for solutions for situations like that and what is the right thing to do. What Dr Kapoor or Dr Foster goes through is very very interesting and thrilling. The show has that kind of flavour where it is a thriller and what’s going to happen. You can see it in the trailer, she keeps from losing the plot and what extend she goes to once she flips to the other side…  Or does she? It’s an interesting take on infidelity.”

  1. You play the character of Akarsh Kapoor who cheats on his wife in the show. Do you think he deserves a second chance?

“I think everybody deserves a second chance. But whether you are capable of building a trusted relationship with the person who has broken it? It is a very relative thing. I know I wouldn’t but I don’t know about anybody else, I can’t speak for others.”

  1. As you have mentioned, you don’t relate to Akarsh Kapoor on a personal level. How difficult was it to keep that aside and play the role?

“You know, it was much easier than I expected because my personal method of acting is to embody what the character is going through, judge it from your own experiences and put it out there. You may not have done what the character has done but you try to find an emotion from your life where you would have done what he is doing. I didn’t find anything for this character, in the beginning. I found it unnerving because I couldn’t find that but, what I decided after having the conversation, is that I should keep cool about it because Akarsh is someone else and I should acknowledge that and once that happened it became very easy. I walk on to the set, put on his clothes and become him and leave once I take the clothes off. So, it turned out to become much simpler than I thought.”

  1. What part of this entire experience do you like the most? Or one that will stay with you?

“I think it was working with Tishu (Tigmanshu). I really loved working with him. Also, being in Coonoor it’s a beautiful place, I mean I have been there before but staying there for 2 months is magic. I found a beautiful ayurvedic retreat that I checked into. There are many aspects to it. Working with Rasika, working with other actors. There is this whole barrage of women. Yaa you can see it in the trailer there is this whole set of women around me I was like wow! I mean what else can a male actor ask for? To be seen in a show where there are so many women and we are the only male face around, without any competition.”

  1. The show is developed around Rasika Dugal’s character, Dr.Meera Kapoor and her POV. Did that ever bother you?

“Of course, it does. I mean there are many days I judge what I want to do unless I am okay with the script and the story of it and this thought even came up when I was considering doing Out of Love. It’s not about me but the interesting thing about Akarsh’s character is that he is the central part of the conflict and that is as or even more important than the central character because it’s his part that’s causing the ruckus in her life. So, I think, that for me weighs a lot as there is more scope to do for.

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Playing around the tagline of the show, ‘Forgive, Forget or Fight’, we gave some real-life situations to Purab Kohli and here’s what he had to say…

What if someone sits in the rickshaw that you were about to get into?

What if your friend eats the last slice of pizza or something you like to eat?
“I’d fight for it”

Your best friend snitches about you to your parents maybe when you were younger, what would you do?
“Be really pissed, but would forget and forgive.” (smirks)

If your pet destroys your couch?

If your laundry guy burnt your favourite shirt?

If your uber cancels on you?
“Fight. I am always fighting with Uber guys because of how they drive.” 

Out of Love starring Rasika Dugal and Purab Kohli is now Live on Hotstar Vip!