The lockdown has certainly brought out various trends and here’s the latest one – the Quarantine Pillow Challenge.

Social media is a very strange place. From funny challenges to inspiration, social media trends have been an integral part of our lives. And now when the entire world is in a lockdown state for an indefinite period, people are trying to engage themselves and cheer others in ways they never did before. From Prime Minister giving us tasks to people virtually connecting with friends and family, from half the world’s population working from home to rest half trying to keep themselves engaged, each one is trying creative ways to keep themselves occupied. This is not the first time that we saw a bizarre challenge gaining popularity across the globe. Some challenges spread an important message, while some literally made no sense. And now in this quarantine state, when we cannot step out of our homes, is the time for each fashionista to take up this Quarantine Pillow Challenge or #PillowDressChallenge.

What is the quarantine pillow challenge you ask?

Started by the Instagram Content Creator @styledbynelli; the #quarantinepillowchallenge or #PillowDressChallenge is a simple look created with a pillow worn as dress tucked with a belt at the waist and then styled with accessories like jewellery, sunglasses, bags etc.

While the challenge might look funny at the onset, the simplicity to create and the easy availability of pillow at home has made the challenge travel across the world in no time. Well, a major credit can also be given to the extra time people have at their hand and honestly, it is a fun way to get a new outfit in the lockdown period.

Here is how Indian Bloggers took the challenge:

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Would you take the #PillowDressChallenge?

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