Quora user asks American girls opinion of Indian men; gets unexpected answer!

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American girls opinion of Indian men

This Quora thread enquired about American girls opinion of Indian men may sound weirdly pompous, but revealed a beautiful love story that transcended nationalities and ethnicities!

More often than I care to admit, I find myself on Quora, knee-deep in some of the most random Q&A threads imaginable to the average internet user but sometimes I stumble upon something beautiful and this Quora thread wanting to know what is the ' American girls opinion of Indian men ' was one such occasion.

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Here’s how it began...

American girls opinion of Indian men

Quora user Amber Johnson shared her experience of knowing an Indian man while she was studying in London where the two got to know each other well, and love blossomed between the two.

Despite being from two completely different and highly contrasting places, meeting and hitting it off in another part of the world, this couple really set the tone for their Bollywoodesque future when Amber visited her boyfriend in India after his visa expired and he had to come back to India.

American girls opinion of Indian men

Needless to say, once you go desi, you never go back!

Amber found the chaotic Indian lifestyle growing on her, right from Bollywood to the insane dedication we Indians show to our festivals, the colours, the food, the revelry! It’s hard to not be a fan of how we Indians celebrate everything from Holi, Eid, Diwali to our desi spins on Christmas as well.

Now there’s a twist guys. Every Bollywood movie has a twist okay!

It turns out that the thing between Amber and this guy didn’t work but as fate would have it, her relationship with India wasn’t about to end anytime soon because her love for Indian festivals brought her face to face with her future husband.

Karan Johar, you listening?

American girls opinion of Indian men

Hold up Indian guys, some heartfelt taarif coming your way!

American girls opinion of Indian men

Amber obviously fell in love and obviously, the story literally went the Bollywood way!

American girls opinion of Indian men

And she’s having a helluva time being married to an Indian guy, being called Bhabhiji and reaping the benefits of all the izzat that we can proudly say, can only be found in Incredible India!

American girls opinion of Indian men

You can read the original answer from Amber Johnson on Quora here.

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