Thank You Netflix for blessing the world with Radhika Apte memes

Mansi Mirani
Aug 29, 2018 14:13 IST
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Radhika Apte memes

Radhika Apte is literally all over the internet right now. Be it on Netflix screens or viral memes! The actress was seen in Lust Stories, Sacred Games and recently in Ghoul. 3 projects back to back with Netflix surely caught the netizens’ attention and brought in a new wave of Radhika Apte memes!

Although what I loved the most in between this battle of memes is Netflix India’s solid comeback! Netflix always keeps its Twitter audiences entertained with quirky tweets (remind me to talk about it later) and this time was no different. They came up with a video spoof with Radhika Apte about being cast repeatedly and it is hilarious! Check it out:

And if that wasn’t enough, these tweets and Instagram posts of Radhika Apte memes are funny af!

Radhika made this poster herself.

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So sweet!

We had a crush so intense, we wrote her multiple letters. #TATBILB

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Netflix went all out when they did this though!

The memes posted were based on the fact that Radhika Apte is simply EVERYWHERE! And it is partly true but then YOU GO GIRL!

Here are some of the funniest Radhika Apte memes on social media and you need to see them like NOW:

1. Like I said, she’s EVERYWHERE!

#radhikaapte #radhikaaptememes #memes #netflixradhikaapte #netflixmemes

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2. Radhika doesn’t need a script, the script needs Radhika!

3. Weekend plans: Sooryavansham and chill.

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4. Come on! The best love story has to be Gaitonde and Kuckoo! No? Just me? Okay.

? #radhikaapte #netflix #sacredgames #ghoul

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5. Honestly, I don't think I am ready for that kind of commitment yet!

6. Just say the word, Radhika.

Y'all asked for it!? #Netflix X #RadhikaApte ? #thecorrect_content

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7. Why look somewhere else when they have the powerhouse?

8. Audience bolta hai abhi bas ho gya!

Radhika Apte Everywhere On Netflix ?

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9. Logic game on point, Netflix.

10. Netflix: You’re all we need.

promises are meant to be broken

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To be honest, these Radhika Apte memes were hilarious, but I still think Netflix India won this battle with their comeback!

What’s your take?

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