Rafta Rafta released on Amazon miniTV on January 25 and has become yet another successful project for Bhuvan Bam this month! Let’s have a look at what the Janta had to say about the series!

Rafta Rafta revolves around a newly married couple, who initially tied the knot to each other unwillingly but with time get to know each other better and eventually fall in love. Each episode deals with a new issue that they face as a couple and how they grow closer in the process of solving it. Bhuvan Bam plays Karan, an immature man-child who slowly progresses into someone mature his wife can rely on. Srishti Ganguly plays Nithya, an organised career oriented woman who is always there to come to Karan’s rescue when he has a problem. The two also tackle other problems as newlyweds, be it their annoying neighbours together or getting to know their families up close. Why they have a bittersweet relationship at the beginning or what was the reason they got married in the first place is revealed as the plot unfolds further. 

After his success in Taaza Khabar at the beginning of this year, Bhuvan Bam has aced the rom-com genre as well. The Janta was more than happy to see him in a light-hearted story and love the chemistry between him and Srishti. It was an easy show to binge-watch and just feel good over the weekend for many!

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