5 times Rahul Gandhi nailed the humble guy-next-door narrative on Instagram

Jagruti Verma
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Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi's social media presence is diverse, despite the rhetoric being the same across. On Twitter and Facebook, he is a politician. On Instagram however, he seems to be the guy-next-door sharing his travels and thoughts in between.

He has been a scapegoat in the popular political narrative for a long time now. A quick glance on Rahul Gandhi's Twitter presence tells us why — much of the rhetoric he has created for himself is about furiously pushing back the government, being anti-Bharatiya Janata Party and anti-Modi. Political significance and consequences aside, this Indian National Congress President has been able to carve a niche for himself in the Twitterverse, a narrative of his own doing.

On Instagram, he seems to be a much different person! The tone of captions is light and playful, visuals tugging you into the moment, showing you a side of the same person, sans the politics and yet completely dipped in the same narrative. While there are plenty of template pictures of rallies, addressing crowds and meeting people as a politician, there are some striking pictures that give a more intimate glimpse into his world. His presence on the medium is not of a furious rebel but of someone who is just trying to tell a story, his own.

Just an overwhelmed traveller

A caption that tells the significance of the place and the picture of enjoying the moment — particularly the second photo in the post — haven't we all posted such snaps?

Political undertone: A politician who is eager to understand the systems in other countries.

In the mood of something new

Sharing a new look or a borrowed one while visiting a place is an integral part of being of travelling in the time and tide of social media.

Political undertone: Someone who is accepting of the ways of the common people.

On a lighter note, happy smiles

Kids love everything and everyone (unless you have been to them) but it still feels really special to be on the receiving end of it. Would you really not share if you had evidence?

Political undertone: A likeable, genuine person you can/should trust.

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Pets galore — mighty fine!

There are way too many people who have entire separate profiles for their pets. It would simply be unfair if you have a pet and wouldn't give them space on yours!

Political undertone: A responsible person who is capable of taking care/loving others.

Wanderlusting his way through

Have you really been on a vacation to scenic spaces if you haven't shared images of the space? If you say yes, we really are in awe of your self-restraint!

Political undertone: Just a common man trying to find some peace. 'I am just like you!'

Bonus: Deciphering the intention behind this one is tough but it sure takes a lot to post such pictures, especially when you are a public figure who is super prone to be trolled. Now, that's something!

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