Rahul Gandhi's 'jaadu ki jhappi' to the PM is the BEST meme hook EVER!

Mansi Mirani
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Rahul Gandhi

The media, the parliament and everybody in the country was taken aback today when Congress leader Rahul Gandhi got up and hugged PM Narendra Modi. Surprising? But this actually happened today.

This was after Gandhi’s passionate speech and was totally unexpected! And it was inevitable that the media would explode with comments, opinions and memes over something this huge!

Gandhi,who is trolled as ‘Pappu’ by the BJP, said that even though the ruling party may have anger against him, he doesn’t feel any kind of malice. That was when he got up and gave Modi ji a ‘Jaadu Ki Jhappi’! The parliament broke out into fits of laughter over this! Not only this, after taking his seat, Rahul winked at the Prime Minister and (as many have been saying) was better than Priya Varrier at it!

Here’s what happened:

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While some say his speech and the hug made a strong statement, others said it was stupid and inappropriate. Have a look at these hilarious memes on Twitter:


2. Aur ab Rahul se bhi.

3. Apun ko tumko thank you bolne ka tha.

4. Please don’t leave us godfather.

5. Ahem, is it though?

6. Nothing non-consensual please.

7. This is a tough one. What do you think?

8. Chill out Ms. Gandhi, he’s spreading love!

9. Baba bolta hai abhi bas ho gya!

10. The ladies are SWOONING! (Just Kidding!)

Strong statement or stupid act? We’ll leave you to be the judge. But Rahul Gandhi sure gave us a good bout of laughter, no one can deny that!

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