These Rajpal Yadav memes have got our stomach aching with laughter

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Rajpal Yadav

These Rajpal Yadav memes are sure to keep you laughing throughout the day!

The prolific comedian and an incredible actor, Rajpal Yadav never fails to tickle our funny bones with his characters. I mean can you watch the "Hum koi mandir ka ghanta hai ki koi bhi aake baja jaata hai" scene without laughing or even grinning?

An Indian actor who was first seen as the protagonist in Doordarshan's television serial Mungeri ke bhai Naurangilal appeared in his first movie in 1999. Rajpal had a very successful career as a negative character but he preferred doing comedy (the right choice perhaps because the meme world will forever be grateful). He has been part of a number of movies and created an impact with his characters from them as well. This impact can be measured in terms of memes, which is the new way of communicating that something is loved by netizens. So, let's take a look at some of the funniest Rajpal Yadav memes.

Check of these funny Rajpal Yadav memes:

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Happy Birthday Rajpal Yadav!

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