Ranveer Singh reimagines himself as Lan-veer for The Wheel of Time

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Amazon Original Series, The Wheel of Time has gained rave reviews but amidst all of it, here's the show's biggest fan, Lan-veer aka Ranveer Singh!

The Wheel of Time is a fantasy series that had been the talk of the town earlier and opened to rave reviews. From having a gripping storyline to having an ensemble stellar cast this fantasy series is inclusive with strong female characters. And after Anushka Sharma and R. Madhavan, entering the long list of audiences who loved the show is our very own superstar, our gully boy, Ranveer Singh.

Developed by Rafe Judkins, and starring Rosamund Pike in the pivotal role this show transports the viewers into a magical world. There is a dragon reborn who has to be found by Moiraine Sedai who has to fight the last battles to decide the fate of all humanity. Whether Moiraine succeeds and what happens at the last battle you would have to watch The Wheel of Time currently out with all the episodes streaming only on Amazon Prime Video. And watch here as to how Ranveer is busy reimagining himself as the exciting Lan-veer!

How did you like our very own gully boy all excited after watching the amazon original series The Wheel of Time and being Lan-veer? And what are your thoughts about the show if you have watched it? Do tell us in the comments below and if you haven't watched it yet then what are you waiting for it's streaming on Amazon Prime Video!

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