We created and enjoyed what was popular on social media this week! Here are some Reel trends that added up to the element of fun to our feeds.

From sassy to sweet, this week’s trends had everything that surely made scrolling more fun. Let’s take a look at some Reel trends that got our attention this week.

2023, so far, has been about a wedding we all looked forward to – Siddharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani who did their best when it came to stealing our hearts with their wedding Reel. The song Ranjhaa made a comeback and we could see a lot of Reels on this audio this week. People couldn’t get over how cute the two looked together resulting in us having high expectations from our own relationships.

Another song that has found its space is Jannat Zubair’s newly released song, “Babu Shona Mona” that had people creating and sharing funny content on. There were other trends that was heartwarming like the Oh Dear Diary or “Dil Nu” trend while “Rush” and Pretty Girls Walk were exciting too. Although these trends made our scrolling worthy, it gets better when you try them too.

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Here are some interesting trends we came across this week:

Rush (Dance Trend)

Pretty Girls Walk

I was never creepin (Audio)

Low (Speed up version)

Babu Shona Mona (Song)


Toote Makaan (Reel Trend)

Dil nu

Oh Dear Diary (Trend)

Have you tried any of these trends yet?